Saturday, August 8, 2015

Great meet-up, fun linky, abundant giving

I had the chance to meet up with about a dozen other bloggers from around the state this past week. What an amazing group of people! Each person brought a unique perspective or skill to the table (of course we met around food!  What teacher doesn't love having more than 22 minutes to eat?)
There was lots of laughter, honest sharing, and a desire to help each other grow.  What a wonderful experience!  Special thanks go out to Becky and Greg from The Class Couple for organizing the meet-up and to GoNoodle for providing some supplies.

One of the women I met there, Molly, from The Sassy Sub created this fun linky that I thought I would join up with.  You need to know - because it's pretty amazing on some levels - that Molly just got her first contracted position, and she's due to have her first baby in just a few weeks.  Good for her!

This was one of the most relaxing summers I've had in years, and I loved every minute of it!  I have friends who own a house at the beach, and when they realized they'd be away for almost two weeks, they offered their home to me.  I spent some time there with my husband and kids, and some time alone.  Wasn't sure if I'd like the alone time, but I loooved it! That's when my creative juices kicked into gear, and I started to work on my blog, and products for my TpT and TN stores. 

I also started to think about why I do all of this.  Everyone has their passions and this is one of mine.  Although I started on TpT and TN thinking that it would help put my last child through college, I quickly realized that's truly not why I create products.  I make products, I realized, because I love the affirmation that comes from knowing that someone else used something I made and found valuable.

And, after a lot of prayer, I committed to share a percentage of what I make with groups that I also feel as passionately about.  In a few weeks, I'll attend my first meeting of 100 Women Who Care, a fairly new organization in my community.  This group meets four times a year for an hour, and at those meetings, speakers from three previously-selected, local organizations speak for five minutes about what their organization does.  At the end of the meeting, the women vote for one, and each woman gives a $100 check to that group.  100 women x $100 = a nice chunk of change to begin, or keep doing something good in our community. How cool is that?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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  1. Thanks for linking up, Marion and for the kind words!! It was nice to meet you. I am glad to hear you had a very relaxing summer! What nice friends to lend you their beach house!! 100 Women Who Care sounds like a great organization--how nice of you to give back to others : ) Cheers to a smooth school year!!