Saturday, September 5, 2015

It's September 1st - must be time for Currently!

I love that Farley always has her monthly Currently link-up.  Even if it's five days into the month, it's a great way to stay connected to what other teacher-bloggers are thinking and doing right now.
1. Listening.  I love the "sounds of silence."  Anyone old enough to pick up on the 70's music reference?  After a full day of teaching, I'm more than happy to bring the stimulation down just a little.

2. Loving.  I had seen some Pinterest posts about doing all the prep work ahead of time and freezing dinners that would be crockpot ready..  Made five last night and have two more to go.  Looking forward to cooler weather to enjoy them.  I may have a lot of papers to grade, but I'll be doing it on a full stomach!

3.  Thinking about how to incorporate Schoology into my class.  I've had a Moodle page, a Weebly page, and now this.  Harumph.  What's next?  I know it'll be great once I get it going.  It's just another thing to have to do right now.  I'll probably be blogging about how wonderful it is in a few weeks!

4.  Wanting.  I happened upon a recipe for a chai tea that sounded kind of fun, so I made it this morning.  Oh yum!  It's an anti-inflammatory chai - but more than that, it's delicious!  Here's the link:

4.  First a shower leaked, then a ceiling fan/light stopped working.  Then the hose in the refrigerator for the water and ice maker blew out and flooded the kitchen and part of the basement.  Then a car started giving us problems.  Thank you very much.  You can stop now.

5.   I was reminded by one of my very wise daughters that these are all "tough first-world problems you have here, Mom."  Yeah, she's right.  So I remind myself that I need to practice passionate patience and incredible love with my students, because.  Just because.

And of course, now that school has started, it's going to be more challenging to keep blogging.  But I'd like to.

I may be the last person on Farley's linky, but I got there!


  1. Hi Marion! I totally get your 70's "sounds of silence" reference and do the same thing when I first get home from school. No TV, no radio, no noise what-so-ever! I envy you and your crockpot meals! I may have to try some.....especially when winter hits and quick, comfort food is needed to ward off the cold!
    Stories and Songs in Second

  2. Nope, you were not the last this month! hehe

    Sounds of silence...totally get the reference and totally get the idea. Twenty-six 1st graders and I have a ringing in my ears at the end of the day. Love my job though so I wouldn't want it any other way!

    Funny, I was just saying in my currently that I need to grocery shop more so that I stop getting take-out. You were so smart to make freezer meals. I've done that before in the past and I need to do it again. Thanks for the reminder! Have a great school year!

    Melissa Williams
    First Grade Frame of Mind

  3. What a great idea to use the crockpot to make some meals and then freeze them. I need to do that, and your chai tea sounds good. I love chai tea.

  4. What a great idea to use the crockpot to make some meals and then freeze them. I need to do that, and your chai tea sounds good. I love chai tea.

  5. Wow~ I'm so impressed, five crockpot dinners! That is amazing. You'll be very happy you took the time on those weeknights when exhaustion kicks in. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me such an encouraging message. It means the world to me. Wishing you a fabulous year!