Monday, February 1, 2016

Currently January!

Two posts in one day!  This is highly unusual.  But it's Farley's Currently.  And that's just got to be done.  When I remember.
Listening and Loving - I left school early to get my tooth fixed.  Lost a chunk of it on Friday.  The tooth didn't hurt, but boy oh boy, was my tongue sore from moving past that rough edge every time I talked.  Yay for dentists!  And yay for coming home early and getting dinner together!  

Thinking - I sort of agreed to join with a colleague and her daughter to "Run the Year."  That's right.  2,016 miles in 2016.  And then I started wondering what I'd done.  The momentum may wear off at some point, but I'm pretty surprised that I'm still able to get up when there's still a 4 on the clock (okay, so it's 4:55, but still!) and go.  I'm averaging 5 times a week, which is truly amazing.  And says a lot for the power of friendship and accountability to keep you going!

Wanting - oh man.  Some weekends just fly by, don't they?  Last night was one of those when I just wished there was another day....just one more!

Needing - I'm amazed at people who can pump out products!  It takes me for. ever.  I've reread I am Malala, and I'm almost done with the packet, but turning it into something that I hope will be good for my students, and then!  Then, turning it into something that I hope others will want to purchase.  Boy, that's a lot of work (and emotional energy) for me!

Swooning - my husband took a job with the Department of Education in our state last Fall, and he's been working long hours.  It's all good stuff, but I'm looking forward to having a couple of days away with him.  And in warmer temperatures!


  1. I vote for another day to be added to the weekend!!!! It's over before it starts most weekends for me. By the time I'm motivated to work on a product for my class or store the weekend is over and I don't find the time:/ Lots of luck on your Run the Year!!!

    1. What is it about wintertime that makes me love the snow, but want to hibernate on Monday mornings? I'm with you on taking time to live life and not getting around to working on products.

  2. I Am Malala is on my kindle wishlist! I can't wait to read it. I am so slow at creating products, but at least I'm happy once I'm done. You go on the 2016 miles! WOW

  3. Wow, 2016 miles! Good for you! A trip away sounds great-- enjoy it!

    Years That Ask Questions

  4. I know, I am jealous of people that can sit down and knock out products...I feel like it takes me forever!