Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Made It!

Happy summer everyone!  I've been out of school for two weeks now, and in some ways it feels like it's been forever, and in other ways I know it's going to pass by soooo fast!  I'm so glad Tara is continuing with her summer Monday Made It's because it's pushing me to get some things done! Click on the image so that you can see what other teachers are doing.  There are some amazingly creative teachers out there!
We've had plans since we moved into this house two years ago, to turn our 3-season sunporch into a year-round room.  I had hoped to get started on that soon, but the reality of having put three kids through college means that some other things are taking precedence.  So my husband and I moved out some of the extra furniture that was being stored there, bought a carpet for the cement floor, and my favorite spot has become even more of a favorite place to start my morning off with a cup of coffee.
Sometimes I make things to use with my students and I just don't think about turning them into a product to sell on TpT.  That was the case with this.  I was working with a group of students on fluency, which isn't something that gets talked about as much in 6th grade as it does in the lower grades.  But I knew that this small group of students would be better off if they could get to a place where commonly used sight words, phrases, and sentences would come more naturally to them.

I created these as a fast and fun way to get them reading and feeling success about their fluency.  I was honestly surprised at how much they had fun with these!  These were short and sweet, and they were able to practice on their own with whisper phones or with a partner before proudly reading them to me.
I love growing stuff.  Picked some herbs this morning to hang up and dry (maybe on the sunporch?) This is tarragon, basil in the back, thyme in the front, and oregano.  Yum!

That's it for me!  Link up with Tara and share what you've been working on this week, or just stop by to say hi and take a peek!


  1. So jealous of your herbs, especially the basil. Mine is not doing well! Of course, if I would remember to water it....

    Love the fluency idea for your 6th graders. I could see some of my struggling sixers enjoying this activity as well. Did you make your own whisper phones? How do the big kiddos take to them?


    1. I was given the whisper phones from a Learning Support teacher a couple of years ago, Angela. But I encourage all my students to use them whenever they feel they need to use two senses, rather than one, to comprehend. I actually have had a number of kids use them when they're reading passages for a test. Once one kid starts to use them, it makes it okay for other kids to try.

  2. Oh how I love some herbs!!! I just redid my porch (will be a Monday Made It soon) and was out there this morning with my coffee! Thanks for linking up:)

  3. I would love to have a porch like that! What a great way to start your morning.

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